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My fertility reading diet is now over

It amazes me how much we all read as we make our way through fertility challenges. At the beginning I read masses of information about how to optimize chances of conception. And then I read masses about reproductive technologies and what to expect. I even went offline (gasp!) and got books from the local library. And then I just stopped. I figured I’d consumed as much information as I could and I just had to think about something besides fertility for awhile.

In the few days after I had surgery to remove an ectopic pregnancy I was feeling so lost and sad that I turned back to online resources. I joined a support group and read about others experiences. I read about the odds of having another ectopic pregnancy. I consumed information like when I first realized conceiving wasn’t going to be as easy as everyone made it sound when I was sixteen and discovering those boys weren’t so stinky after all.

Cleaning up my office on the weekend I found a note I’d made to look up a book by Julia Indichova titled, Inconceivable: A Woman’s Triumph over Despair and Statistics. I forget where I heard about it or who recommended it but there it was written down on a sticky note in my to-do pile. The local library didn’t have a copy so I bought it online and expect its arrival in a couple of days. Would love to hear what you thought if you’ve read it!


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No, I’m not pregnant yet

It has been months since I’ve posted here on this blog. Life got crazy and busy and I ran out of energy for writing. But today I logged into my account and noticed this comment:

love your sense of humor. I am hoping you have been able to concieve. Please blog an update if you are indeed successful. Thank you rom an unknown older woman who ran across your post with the google question, “how long can sperm survive.

Maybe because it’s Friday or maybe because for the first time in months I’m hormone free (more on that later) but I felt like writing a post. So here it is. The post to say I’m still here and I’m still not pregnant.

Since March I’ve done another 2 IUIs and finally in June we decided it was time to try IVF. It worked and for one short week I watched my beta level increase normally. And then it didn’t. It plateaued, went back up, plateaued. Finally the ultrasound confirmed my fear: ectopic pregnancy.

The fertility clinic sent us to the hospital for a shot of Methotrexate. More info about how Methotrexate works here – The hospital performed another ultrasound and could see the heartbeat. That meant surgery was required instead of the Methotrexate. An hour later I was under the knife and they removed my right tube. Thankfully they could remove it with laparoscopy instead of laparotomy, ie. cutting my whole stomach open.

This all happened 2 weeks ago and I’m still feeling raw and emotional. Physically I’m healing fine. In my head I know the positive thing is that I got pregnant and I can get pregnant again. I think it will take a little while before my heart truly believes it and is ready to try again. When we’re ready we do have 2 frozen blastocysts so thankfully don’t have to go through the full IVF process again.

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