Baby-making according to the calendar

March 5, 2008 at 2:17 pm Leave a comment

This month we’re kicking it old skool style and trying to conceive the old-fashioned way. You know…getting between the sheets in our own bed for a little tumble without a needle, speculum, or catheter in sight.

I’ve recovered from the laprascopy but the timing didn’t work to make this a “clinic month” so we’re left to our own devices. Back when we started this whole baby-making endeavour we had sex every other day between days 7 and 17 of my cycle. Now I know I don’t ovulate until day 14 at the earliest so I figured we didn’t need to start the ‘planned’ meet-ups until day 10. But turns out we ended up having some fun on the weekend anyway 😉

So last night hubby gives me the “wink wink nudge nudge” signal and yet again I find myself looking for a way to postpone until today without making it sound like all love-making has been scheduled according to the calendar. It’s a tricky thing as baby-making does require some planning and scheduling. But at the same time I hate to lose the ‘fun’ of it and make it seem like we’re just “sticking to the program”.

In the end I told him straight out that we’re in prime-time and 2 days in a row is a no-no but I’d be happy to meet him and his mister the next day. So now we’re both on the same page and we’re both good at counting so I’m sure it won’t be an ongoing issue. But if anyone has any ideas on how to keep the spark while sticking to the program I’m all ears!


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