Infertility Survival Handbook – A Must Read

March 3, 2008 at 10:28 pm 2 comments

During my recovery from laparoscopy surgery I’ve had lots of time to read. I finished up the Infertility Survival Handbook written by Elizabeth Swire Falker and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks Stefanie for the referral!

Some parts were very specific to the USA and weren’t really that interesting to me, a Canadian. I could see how it would be useful to understand different health insurances and how to look for a clinic if you lived in the States. But it did make the book very US-centric and less helpful to international folks. Not a criticism by any means as that might have been the intent of the author, just pointing it out in case other non-US folks are thinking of picking it up.

I found the explanations of procedures really helpful, even the descriptions of tests I’ve already had. There’s something reassuring about reading an experience you’ve had and thinking “Yep, that’s exactly what it was like”. It gives me confidence that the descriptions of procedures I haven’t yet had are accurate.

I learned a lot about various blood tests that I haven’t undergone yet. I’m not sure if they’re commonly done up here but at least I know what to ask about now.

The best piece of advice I got was to create a ‘take care of me’ basket. The author has a different name for it (I’ve already returned the book to the library so I can’t look it up) but the idea is to prepare for your ART cycles by having things on hand that pamper, sooth, destress, and relax you. Two things I love about this:

  • It reminds me that it’s OK to feel like crap. Fertility drugs do take a toll and too often I try to keep going like normal and discount the affect they’re having on me.
  • Incorporating small pleasures into my days when I’m feeling like crap will be nice. Something to look forward to and a reminder to focus on me and my well-being.

I’m not sure when my next cycle will start but I’m already planning my take care of me basket!


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  • 1. stefanie  |  March 3, 2008 at 11:26 pm

    Awesome… glad you liked it. That was the textbook, so you’re gonna FLY through those others I suggested.


  • 2. preconceivednotions  |  March 4, 2008 at 10:49 am

    I’ll look for it! WISH I had time to just sit and read! How lovely that would be. Glad your recovery is going well. Take Care!

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