Side effects of Clomid

December 10, 2007 at 3:27 pm Leave a comment

The doc put me on a double dose of Clomid for this cycle. I’ve taken Clomid twice before but this is the first time I’ve experienced some really nasty side effects. It started with a slight nauseous feeling on Friday and got worse over the weekend. I had an out of town friend visiting but thankfully she’s really easy going and didn’t mind a pretty low key weekend.

The general nausea stayed with me for about 3 days but generally subsided when I sat down. I also had hot flashes and a few bouts of tears. I was out for a walk on Sunday with my friend and suddenly had to slow down to a crawl as my legs went all weak and I was sweating profusely. Later that night, after she had left for the airport I was decorating the Christmas tree and just couldn’t help having a good cry. I hated the fact I was so teary and couldn’t seem to control it. But I did feel better after I let it out.

I saw the doc this morning and thankfully she said these side effects should subside now. I burst into tears on the drive home but the rest of the day has been OK so I guess the extra hormone is working its way out of my system. I had the HSG shot today so I expect I’ll still feel a little rough for a few days. I don’t find the needle hurts when you get it but I definitely have a dull pain in my hip/butt for a few days afterwards.

All this in preparation for an IUI tomorrow. I didn’t think we were doing an IUI this cycle but I guess the timing worked out and I have 2 follicles growing nicely. One is 20mm and the other is 22mm.


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