Bringing the FUN back into the bedroom

November 6, 2007 at 12:14 am 1 comment

A few days ago my body was clear of the hormones from last cycle (IUI) and had finished with its monthly period. As disappointed as I am not to be pregnant, I was happy to be feeling healthy again. Of course I would have traded that in a millisecond to be preggers. But it really sucks to not be pregnant AND to feel awful!

Our sex life really suffers when we’re going through an IUI cycle. The hormones make me emotional and sensitive. And my ovaries are swollen so love making must be slow and careful, otherwise it just kinda hurts. So with my body back on track and my emotions under control, DH and I got together for one of those magical nights that remind me of when we first got together and it was all so heart fluttering and exciting. This last month has been stressful on us so timing was perfect! I’d write more details but then I’d have to add an 18+ warning…hehe…

Suffice to say that every now and then I think it’s important for me to leave the egg whites in the fridge, remove the cushions from under my butt,  and just have sex.  Go with what feels good and just enjoy sharing the intimacy with DH without worrying about making it easy for his boys to swim. After all the odds of it working 4 days after AF are so remote…and putting fertility aside did wonders for strengthening our bond as a couple.


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  • 1. slightlycrunchymomma  |  November 6, 2007 at 1:28 am

    God do I know what you mean!

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