Do You Have Kids?

November 2, 2007 at 7:35 pm Leave a comment

I’m meeting a lot of new people lately. That’s what happens when you move into a new area with lots of friendly neighbours. I like meeting people but I dread the inevitable question, “Do you have kids?”  I generally smile politely and respond, “Not yet”.

This question didn’t bother me a few years ago when we weren’t trying to conceive, although even then I thought it was a little rude, especially when meeting a new person. Since we’ve been TTC this question has really got under my skin. I’d love to have the chutzpah to respond with one of the following…

“Not yet but as soon as my hubby gets home from work I’ll be throwing him down and taking care of business. So keep your fingers crossed for us ok”

“My eggs don’t seem to play well with my husband’s sperm. Would you like to have a go?”

“We’re on a Clomid cycle and I got my HSG shot this morning in preparation for the IUI. Any other questions?”

I don’t want the ‘crazy lady on the street’ label so I guess for now I’ll just keep nodding politely.


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