Another round of clomid

October 3, 2007 at 7:08 pm Leave a comment

I took clomid during my last cycle at the clinic (2 months ago). My own doctor was on vacation and I had to see the substitute. The end result was that I think we missed prime time and I ovulated on the day she didn’t have me come in to the clinic. My own doc has me go in every day between day 10 and ovulation so I’m happy she’s back.

I hadn’t done much reading about what clomid actually does so I spent a bit of time in front of the computer today. I liked this article as it explains things pretty well. Basically it’s going to trick my body into thinking estrogen levels are low which means I’ll make more FSH and LH. More of these hormones should help me make and release one (or possibly more) good eggs.

So today I start 6 days of clomid. Fingers crossed for nice healthy follicles that release nice healthy egg(s)!


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New cycle starting early One follicle growing strong

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