Egg whites as lubricant

September 15, 2007 at 6:49 pm Leave a comment

There really isn’t anything more romantic than going to bed with a dish of egg whites. When we started TTC I quickly learned that most lubricants can inhibit conception. Not surprising really. We often don’t use anything more than a little saliva and I figured that was OK since it’s natural and all. The first appointment with the fertility doctor put a quick end to that theory. Apparently egg whites are the best thing to use.

Which begs the questions – Is it best to whip them slightly as if making an omelet? How long do they need to be out of the fridge to be room temperature? Will they stain the sheets? Is there any possible way to use egg whites and maintain some semblance of romance? Of course I didn’t ask ANY of these questions that crossed my mind at the time.

Since I’m not going to the clinic this month we made sure to hit the sheets about when I thought I should be ovulating. The clinical nature of having relations at a prescribed time always dries me right up and of course I forgot to get the egg whites out in time for them to warm up. A little chilly to start but things soon heated up. And for the record…egg whites do NOT stain the sheets!


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