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Progesterone suppository in urethra

Before yesterday I didn’t know it was physically possible to push approximately 2 cm of solidified hormone into the urethra. This is my second month using the suppositories and sticking my finger up my nether regions morning and night has made the whole thing rather routine. Until yesterday. Like usual I reached down but my shoulders must have been feeling lazy as I didn’t reach quite far enough. Or perhaps my arms had shrunk during the night. Either way…I realized something was wrong the second that the slippery little bullet started going in. Apparently the uretha (or maybe it’s just mine) is designed a bit like a lobster trap…goes in easy, impossible to get out.

The burning started fairly immediately. I did a quick google search for ‘progesterone suppository in uretha’ but didn’t come up with much. Thought about calling the nurse at the clinic but decided the pain wasn’t quite bad enough for that mortification. I figured flushing my system and peeing it out was the best solution. And to take my mind off it in the interim I ran a bath and settled in with my book, large pitcher of water, and big glass.

Every 20 minutes I got out to pee. And let’s just say it was good noone else was around as the burning sensation had me swearing like…well I’m not sure anyone has ever used that many expletives in the space of 90 minutes except possibly the characters in the movie, Reservoir Dogs.

After an hour and half the burning ring of fire turned into a dull roar and 4 hours later I was left with some tender bits but everything seemed intact…except maybe my pride…but hopefully that recovers soon.


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Tough decision to travel next month

Sometimes I have to travel for work. Not a lot, but sometimes. My colleagues don’t know about my fertility treatments so it makes scheduling a little tricky when I have to travel. I have to be away for one week in September and it has to be the week I’m likely to be ovulating. Which means I won’t be going to the clinic next month. Argh!

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First time on Clomid

So this is my first time on Clomid. I started growing multiple follicles but it looks like the one main follicle won’t let the others grow. It won’t share the available space in my ovaries. I’m not sure if all the follicles are on one side or not…have to ask the doc next time I see her.

The other strange thing was that it looks like I ovulated earlier than normal this month. The doc had sent me home on Friday and said to come back on Monday. I returned to discover the greedy follicle situation and she said that I might have already ovulated. The nurse called me later that afternoon (after the blood results had come back) and said to have intercourse that night and start the Progesterone suppositories the next day. I had expected to go through the artificial insemination process but I guess it all happened quicker than expected.

So now the 2 week wait starts…

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Do I have a follicle bully in my ovary?

As I went in for the daily blood work and ultrasounds this week it became apparent that only one follicle was growing. The clomid had kick started other follicles but they aren’t growing. Perhaps the main follicle is an ovary bully and won’t let the others play and grow. Or maybe I’m only partially responding to the clomid.

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Hello World!

This is my first post. Hardly anyone will ever read this post so it doesn’t really matter what I say. Just need to get something down and get this thing going.

I just started a new cycle and currently at day 6. This is my second cycle of monitoring at the clinic. My doc decided to put me on Clomid this month. Last month we did the IUI without the drugs. Hopefully my ovaries are making some nice healthy follicles. Next visit to the clinic is Friday.

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